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Just a few years ago, gambling and betting industries have become regulated in Sweden. While some people may state that opening up the industry for internal players may result in more money lost by the players, advertising platforms are certainly increasing their profits. Just after the Swedish gambling industry was made open by the Swedish Gambling Authority for the international operators, some 3% from all of the TV advertising revenues were contributed by the gambling companies. In 2023, these companies accounted for 10%.

The recent research by Sifo Advertising Measurements uncovers how much betting and gambling companies have spent on TV advertising in Sweden in 2023, and Unibet is an absolute leader in spending its advertising budget on the TV ads - from January and until the end of November 2023 it has spend 270 million SEK (around 30 million USD). Having said that, the recent news from www.nyecasino.ninja show that Unibet is the 4th largest spender on the TV when all of the industries are considered. Its competitor, a state-owned gambling operator Svenska Spel, goes right behind Unibet in TV advertising expenses. It has spent, roughly, 10% less - 243 million SEK to advertise its services across Swedish TV channels.

TV advertising is certainly one of the most expensive ways to build branding and get clients. This is why some operators prefer to dominate in the less traditional platforms. One of the best alternatives to the regular television is Streaming TV, and most of its advertising revenues came from the gambling operators too. Even though the expenditure is way smaller, the list was topped by the bet365, a UK gambling operator that spend almost 11 million SEK on Streaming TV ads. This number may not look too impressive when compared to the Unibet’s TV advertising budget, yet it accounted for nearly 4% of the total advertising revenues of Streaming TVs. Apart from that, both Unibet and Svenska Spel spent impressive amounts on this type of advertising.

Source: http://nyecasino.ninja/casino-news/unibet-bruker-store-penger-pa-reklame-i-sverige/


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