Unibet Casino

Despite Australian unclear legal standing towards gambling services, Unibet, as the latest overseas online operator offering gambling services, will launch its in-play system known also as live betting.

The uncertainty of such activities as offered by Unibet comes from the fact that, from 2011, after Australia brought up the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) and now operated under it, operators cannot use Internet to offer such possibilities; live betting can take place only over the phone or at retail outlets.

Thus, the future of live betting as offered by Unibet comes to the Australian market without any clear legal grounds as the government in Australia is said to begin working on the mater in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, Unibet plans to launch a live ‘BetUP’ product from Commologic that will probably be available in Chrome and Firefox at first and then continue to develop also a mobile application for the live-betting enthusiasts in Australia, using, as many other operators, a legal loophole that helps bypassing the law and allowing punters to place bets via an automated phone call, using voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP). Unibet’s deskop will be available in six markets on which Unibet offers its services, including the UK and Sweden.

The Australian governments plans to review IGA with an aim to decide whether or not to keep the rigid on-line live betting restrictions, yet, there are some voices that are against in-play sports betting, like for instance chief executive of Racing Australia, Peter McGuarna, who, among other important voices, calls for a blanket ban on such activities, in order to protect the country’s sporting integrity.

Unibet’s head of sportsbooks, says: “So far, we are seeing a big interest across markets and have received very positive feedback around engagement and second screen experience.
“We evaluate new opportunities and products on a regular basis, with BetUp really standing out from the beginning.”

Chief executive of Commologic, Tamir Berler, adds: “We understand that every sports betting operator wants to improve engagement and reach new demographics, so we are delighted to have gone live with BetUP, an innovative new product which does exactly that.”