Unibet Casino

Unibet decided to add a speech-enabled intelligent and interactive feature to the sport betting app.

The role of the feature will be to allow players to place bets by speaking into their mobile devices. The feature is developed on the Teneo platform, powered by Arificial Solutions.

This revolutionary solution uses Artificial Solutions’ Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology, allowing the player to say out loud the bet, which the app will organize for them.

As the head of Unibet’s strategic development, Will Mace, said “As speech enabled apps become more commonplace, people expect interactions to be intelligent, fast and responsive,” adding, that “Using Teneo has enabled us to deliver not just the application our customers want, but provided us with the insight to build on that conversation too.”

The chief executive of Artificial Solutions, Lawrence Flynn also comments that: “The internet made it convenient for people to place a bet, but it wasn’t always as easy as walking into a shop and simply asking for a wager; all that is set to change thanks to Unibet and Teneo.”