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Below you'll find a listing of all casino slots reviewed and ranked by our Team featured here on our site. Each of the slots below has been tested thoroughly by our team and ranked in accordance with a number of criteria consisting of scores for software, graphics, special features, betting options and jackpot size. We have already reviewed over 1,000 slot games from the best software providers and we add new game reviews on a regular basis. Read our online casino slots reviews and find a perfect game for you!

Penguin Vacation

Penguins are probably the most recognizable birds which can be found in zoos, aquariums and, of course, in their natural habitats. If you like these cute little animals, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing a video slot delivered by Playtech.

Angeli e Demoni 25

Angels and daemons are supernatural beings and it is said that they have a constant battle with themselves. They appear in multiple religions and represent good and evil. Ready to help one of the sides?

Phoenix Sun

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived creature that is cyclically reborn. The legendary bird is associated with the Sun as the phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The new online slot we prepared for you is all about this mythical bird, so prepare yourself for a unique gameplay experience!

Wild Wishes

We just love the story about Aladdin and once we heard about a release of a video slot which relates to this fantastic animated movie, we got very excited. If you’re looking for a rewarding online slot that has a perfectly executed theme, be sure to check out the next review we made for you!

Platoon Wild

Platoon is a 1986 war film which is the first movie of a trilogy of Vietnam War films directed by Oliver Stone. This film won multiple awards and quickly became popular since its release. iSoftBet released its video slot based on this movie several years ago, however, the popular developer has decided to make a sequel. If you like either the video slot or the movie, prepare yourself for a treat!

Arizona Treasure

Wild West is a very popular theme among online slots and if you enjoy playing video slots which are all about the Old West, be sure to check out the next review we prepared for you!


Online slots that offer innovative ways to reach those higher wins are always popular at online casinos. If you like playing unique video slots which feature creative bonuses and stunning, original visuals, prepare yourself for a treat!

Rome and Glory

Ancient Rome was a small Italic civilization that expanded to become one of the largest empires in the ancient world with an estimated 50-90 million inhabitants (about 20% of the world’s population). There are many online slots based on this ancient civilization and if you enjoy playing them, be sure to check out the next one we reviewed for you guys!

The Five Tiger Generals

The Five Tiger Generals is a popular term in Chinese culture for any five generals serving under a ruler. This term is also used by Playtech which delivered an amazing online slot based on this Chinese appellation.