A company with one of the biggest collection of casino games, Microgaming, announced the release of new game - The Phantom of the Opera.

New slot from Microgaming is based on the movie version released in 2004 and directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The movie is an adaptation of the musical that has been shown to wider audience back in 1986.

Microgaming’s casino version will be released later this year, the exact date remains unknown. The game will feature main characters, of course music and original video cut-scenes from the movie.

The Phanthom of the Opera is based on the novel of French writer - Gaston Leroux. The musical has been shown in 25 countries around the world, grossing $6 billion. Microgaming had to sign licensing deal to use the subject and original motifs.

David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming:

“The Phantom of the Opera has had unequivocal success, played to over 140 million people worldwide! It’s exciting to be working with a musical, a new genre of branded content for Microgaming, extending and broadening our portfolio of games. Due out in Q3, this game will be a true celebration of the world’s biggest opera, balancing a healthy mix of base game features with a feature-packed free spins round.”


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