It is a common fact that the UK is one of the main markets for the online gaming industry. Apart from being of the most well-off countries in Europe, the UK is also a home for the most famous online gambling brands. Just consider the fact that William Hill, Ladbrokes and many more are actually originating from the UK. While Brexit has already shown a tremendous impact on all types of the industries, it goes without saying that it will greatly affect the online gambling too.

One thing is for certain though. The UK-based and licensed operators will be enjoying a less competitive industry and will be able to gain more profits from the local market.

However, as informed by, there were quite a few Nordic operators starting up in the UK, and certainly many of them would not like to leave the market that provides them with quite some healthy profits. And it is clear that such large brands as Unibet will not have any issues in allocating a proper capital towards obtaining a UK license. On top of that, the recent UK gambling regulation has allowed online bitcoin casinos to operate in the white area, and, considering the advantages this type of gambling brings in, it might make the whole environment even more competitive.

Nevertheless, all of the above are just the side effects. The main impact of Brexit on gaming will come with an inability of the European regulated online casinos, which are predominantly based in Malta, to operate in the UK. Having said this, many UK-oriented operators have already moved to Gibraltar for the tax purposes. Yet this is another area taken by the Brexit surprise. Even though the UK has exited the EU, it does not necessarily mean that the territory of the Gibraltar will follow the same path. In case it decided to stay in the EU, there is a probability that the UK law will see all of these operators as offshore.

Apart from the incorporation and the regulation issues, one of the most burning questions is how the regulators will see the location of the infrastructure in the post-Brexit period. Will the UK-regulated casino that hosts its services outside of the UK be seen as the foreign or domestic? This and more questions are to be answered shortly as they will have a crucial impact on the gambling markets in the UK and EU.


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