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While historically countries were building walls around its gambling infrastructure, the year of 2022 seems to become a game changer. Such countries as England, Portugal, France and Italy have been stating their intentions to share poker liquidity pools already for a few months, yet the first poker liquidity pool will be shared by Finland and Austria. If the practice proofs to be successful, other EU member states may start considering following the same path by the middle of 2022.

RAY, Finnish Slot Machine Association, and win2day brand from Austria are the largest poker operators in their countries and, in the same time, are the users of iPoker network designed by Playtech. Considering that iPoker network has been integrated with both of the operators already for a few years, there has not been much of a need to discuss the technology stack and agree on the implementation.

As informed by, the only requirement was set by RAY. As Finland has a different standard for the responsible gambling, win2day had to agree to meet such a requirement.

While the whole experiment, or better said innovation, is expected to deliver an enormous amount of benefits to both the operators and the players, Playtech does seem to strengthen its leading more in the gambling software business even more. As more countries are expected to opt out for the shared liquidity pools, it can be forecasted that those liquidity pools will only be shared via Playtech’s iPoker technology. Hence, every major poker operator in the EU countries might be considering integration with this software before it is too late.

Apart from that, both of the poker operators are considering that a merged poker network will provide an added-value to the players and will enable an even higher competitive edge on the national level.

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