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Written by CasinoOnlineRating Editor
Published on 11 July 2014
Blog Casino Saga Journal


Let’s begin our adventure with Casino Saga!


Casino Saga is an incredible online casino which contains both casino and something like a RPG game. Sounds impossible? I decided to play there and show you how it all works. Let me show you how to start an adventure with Casino Saga!




Step one – register

As usual, I have to start with opening an account at Casino Saga. I chose my username and wrote down my email and password. That’s quite normal during registration in online casinos, I didn’t get any problems.

Step two – choose your hero

Here the whole fascinating adventure begins! I had 10 avatars to choose from, 5 males and 5 females. One of them will be my hero! For now, the descriptions of each hero are unavailable, but I managed to ask Casino Saga team how all the heroes are called and this is what I received: Dwalin – cheerful dwarf, Olorin – helpful wizard, Harrison – brave explorer, Dragunia – dragon goddess, Wolfenheart – fearless warrior, Julia – city girl, Robina – talented female archer, Sabrina – teenage witch, Gomor – mysterious alien and Fanta – woman of nature. At first sight they resemble popular characters which can be found in numerous movies and I am really fond of that! I started with Sabrina but I quickly realized Julia is more suitable at the beginning. The avatar I chose does not affect my gaming, so the best way is to choose the one you really like or if it has something in common with what you are interested in.

Step three – meet the story of the Saga islands

I found it quite interesting to see how the whole story has begun. Generally speaking, I begin at Sagaville Island which is the one of another 39 islands guarded by evil bosses. King of Sagaville owned a beautiful golden crown that protected the Saga community, but one terrible day the evil Betser, full of envy, stole the King’s golden crown, hid it in the Treasure Mountain and placed along the way bosses for his protection. There the battle starts and I believe I will be the first one bringing the golden crown back!

Step four - deposit money and claim your bonus!

Casino Saga offers up to 250 free spins for depositing money in some games – I think it’s a nice addition at the beginning.

Step five – choose the game and play

I was under huge impression Casino Saga offers games from two titans in the world of software providers: BetSoft and NetEnt. All the best in one place!

I chose to play Starburst slot from Net Entertainment. Casino Saga told me it’s the most popular game so why not to start there. 

I start with the smallest coin value – 0.01 and only one payline. I made few spins to see if it works and gives me some wins, but unfortunately it didn’t. I was monitoring my progress bar, once it is filled I will face the boss, but it didn’t even budge. I decided to increase the number of paylines into 5 and what was my surprise my first spin ended with a nice prize! And my progress bar increased slowly but finally I saw some changes. I continued my game and won even more! Not many spins made but quite nice wins and one step closer to first boss!

What is important while playing is to monitor XP points. They stand for Experience Points and the more XPs, the bigger chances to beat the bosses, I started with 30XP and with almost every bet I got more and more XP points. 

I was spinning and spinning, and checking all the time how the progress line is getting longer and longer, and how the number of my XP points is increasing. Finally, I completed the line with 424XP and proudly decided to take the Challenge with first boss – Willie the Giant of Ely. I could also make more and more spins to have the XP bigger, but I was too impatient to wait any longer.

When I entered the challenge, I was presented with a fortune wheel with 3 rings and golden star inside. My aim was to go through all these 3 rings into the inside. It’s nothing difficult here. Willie the Giant was standing opposite me. The reel was turning around and I was asked to push STOP button and wait for the results. Every ring was divided into small areas with XP points, free spins, Euros and arrows. White arrows were showing me the way to go inside – this was my goal to make the fortune wheel will stop exactly on them! If I stop on the arrow, I’ll move forward to second ring and then to third ring. 

The fight with Willie the Giant was very stiff. My first stops were unfruitful. I only drew some XP points and free spins but I have noticed that my wins were getting smaller when my opponent draws them – so every time he stops on XP, free spins or Euro areas, I lost a specific number of them.

Nevertheless, the fight was still on. We were interchanging with another stops and Willie dulled my vigilance just to push the STOP button and stop on his arrow which started for the first step closer to the golden star. Now he was on the first ring and I knew I had to do my best to defeat him! And that exactly happened – my next spin ended with one step to first ring! On the first ring I had 5 entrances, now I had only 4 to second ring. I noticed my opponent has 1 entrance less from me on each ring, so I had more chances to win! I was stopping and collecting bonuses as XP, free spins and Euros when Willie made another spin and was already on the second ring! I stopped breathing… 

I made another stop, and then stop for Willie, and then one for me, and another for Willie, and it happened… Willie reached the golden star and kicked me out! I knew I had to practice more to have more XP points and have more opportunities to win with him. I did not want to rest on my laurels so I decided to come back to Starburst and continue my adventure. The progress bar was smaller now and it stopped on a checkpoint – something like save mode used in many games. The Checkpoint looks like a flag with Casino Saga emblem.

I started spinning the reels, won quite nice amounts of money and I came back to Willie with 700XP. On my first ring I had 6 entrances, on second 4, and on third just 2. I knew now that the higher number of XP points means the larger number of entrances. I started perfectly – first stop ended with one step closer to golden star. I had 100 XP, 1EURO and 5 free spin collected at the beginning and it would be nice to have more but I didn’t know which to choose – collecting goods or beating the opponent. And when I was wondering which I prefer, Willie also made a stop and was now on the first ring! What a lucky guy! But this is not the end of his good luck. He was now much better than his last time and his stops contributed to make my wins slightly decreasing. It occurred to me to use Autoplay but I decided to play by my own. And then it happened once again… I had a bad luck, nothing to draw, no goods and even no white arrow to more forward, and Willie came to the second ring… But I wasn’t owing to him and also made stop with reaching the second ring. And then was his move – nothing, then mine – 5 free spins, and then once again his move – arrow and he won once again! Oh dear, he threw me back to the last checkpoint. My first fight lasted almost 20 minutes but everything was new to me and the second took only 7 minutes.


I hope that my next trial will end with my victory!


Can you beat Willie the Giant? Try by playing at Casino Saga today!




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