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Written by CasinoOnlineRating Editor
Published on 08 August 2023
Blog Casino Saga Journal 5


Welcome! Did you miss me? I was here last week and I will be coming back for next few Fridays, don't miss that! Now let's take a look at what happened last time I played. 



Casino Saga came up to great promotion for all their faithful players - Double Speed option available from Thursday 7th of August to Sunday 10th of August 23:59. When I heard about it on Facebook and Twitter, I kept telling to myself: "This is your big chance!" Casino Saga has just done what you've been looking for! Every bet I'll place will cause my XP points will increase two more times! This means double chance of winning big prizes on boss fights. I didn't want to play for so long to face next boss - Diamond Dwarf from Diamond Cave whom I couldn't have competed last time. I am a person full of verve, I don't want to waste my time and see no effects. I know that everything comes to those who wait and haste makes waste, but my dream was to defeat next boss and go forward. I heard recently that The King of Sagaville is super happy as the evil Betser has been finally defeated by a Casino Hero, namely three Hero Champions that have beaten Betser! I'll be next, promise!


I started my next adventure by playing Gypsy Rose. This is one of the newest games provided by BetSoft and I was playing it many times, however, it has something which makes I love coming back. It is a 5-reel, 3-payline true 3D video slot designed around the eponymous fortune teller's mystical crystal ball. The game is beautifully animated with Rose, a gorgeous gypsy girl, sitting next to the reels. I'm a romantic and sensitive person and I couldn't have ignored that game. Not only the 3D graphics made me feel more entertained, but also gentle background music, typical for gypsies. Ok, I'm starting to dream out loud, so it's time to come down to earth and start my next day of skirmish.


Generally speaking, I started with 5705 XP points and I knew I'll collect much more. I believe I'll fight not only with one boss, but also with another one. The Gypsy Rose game was quite generous to me, but I didn't trigger any bonus round so it made me bored after a while. I just activated Double Up game after one of my winnings combinations. 


The games that I really wanted to play were locked. These games are called Saga Edition games and they offer the player more winnings than in other casino sites. I unlocked only two games for now - Jack and the Beanstalk and Sugar Pop. Today, I will get the access to another one!

When I was thinking about the game to play, suddenly I realised that I can change my hero. Harrison was a good companion, but why not to check the abilities of others? Maybe Dwalin, a dwarf, will be an ideal for a battle with Diamond Dwarf? Let's test him!

My next game was Space Wars from Net Entertainment. It has 5 reels and 40 paylines and you have to believe me that it creates an amazing mystical atmosphere of aliens living in the universe. I was very close to reach the challenge so I knew I won't be playing for a long time. I had a mission to be accomplished. Nevertheless, I had to admit this slot had plenty of special features easy to get and many opportunities to admire nice graphics. 


I was spinning the reels and spinning when I finally noticed CHALLENGE at the end of progress bar. I had 7107 XP points collected. It was high time to face Diamond Dwarf and flush him out from his Diamond Cave! By hook or by crook I wanted to win. 


Once again I triggered the battle but meanwhile I decided to choose a hero. My choice was Olorin – the wizard born in Riddle City. I'll give him a chance! I started with 300 XP points, 1EUR and 5 free spins in my inventory. I wanted to grab all of them and win even more... I was quickly clicking the STOP button, one after another. I even used the Autoplay option. I became stressed... Many stops and nothing. No more XP points, no money and no free spins, and I stacked.


My next stop finished with arrow and one step forward to another ring! That's right! I was observing my opponent, but the luck was on my side this time. Diamond Dwarf was stopping the rings but the only thing he achieved was to take my 1EUR. I stopped once again and... arrow! I had nothing to lose, but still I had more entrances and I simply had to win!


At the drop of a hat I pushed once again the STOP button - nothing. Dwarf stopped once again and nothing. Then was my turn, I pushed the button and my heart stopped beating... I couldn't believe what has just happened. I won!


My win - 300XP and 5 free spins for another unlocked game Boom Brothers from Net Entertainment. Now it was time to relax and collect the power for my next boss - Dr Wutten from Scienceville. I hope you'll come back here next week, cheer me on and I won't let you down!


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