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Written by CasinoOnlineRating Editor
Published on 18 July 2023
Blog Casino Saga Journal 2


Hello, it’s me again! I came back to Casino Saga yesterday and I decided to start my second trial with great fanfare. Are you ready? Ready, steady, go!!!




I forgot last time that I had 20 Free Spins left in my inventory for Starburst game, so I decided to use them at the beginning. As they are for free, I could not have changed the number of lines, level and coin value. I started with 10 paylines, first level and 0.01 coin value. My aim was to win lots of money and compete with Willie the Giant of Ely! I was spinning the reels, and spinning, my first win was on 4th spin, then on 5th. Colourful stars were in this game really great as they generate another spin which may end with even greater prize! Then I won in the 12th spin and I noticed that neither my XP points increase nor the progress bar. Oh yea, it’s all because of Free Spins… Still good to know I could win something! I was spinning until the end and the total of my wins was accumulated - €1.17, always something. Then I was informed that free rounds are finished and future rounds will use my account money.

starburst 1

Next I decided to change the game. Changes are always good I think. According to the description of Julia, her favourite game is Diamond Dogs from NetEntertainment – so I have to check if she is lucky there!

diamonddogs 1

I checked the paytable in Diamond Dogs, and I saw it has some nice special features as Wilds, Bonus symbols and Scatters. I have to collect them! The game offers 4 bet levels, 25 paylines, and bet up to €50. I have received the information from Willie the Giant – if I wager more, I will win easier when I reach the boss… Interesting, I have to check it! Every time I play, I get closer to the first boss where I can win big. I started with €10 bet but I won nothing… I didn’t want to lose everything, but I saw my progress bar was increasing significantly, and I received 25 XP points! It’s worth to bet more! Then I bet €1.25 several times and I triggered some winning combinations. But I really wanted to visit Willie and beat him! So the only thing I could do was to bet higher to collect more XP points. I doubled the bet and I was waiting for the miracle. Almost every spin was ending with some win! Great! Now I had more XP points, longer progress bar and I was earning money! It looked like this game was truly lucky for Julia.

diamonddogs 2

I started my game today with 700XP and finished the progress bar with 1055 XP. Is it enough for Willie the Giant? I didn’t know that but I didn’t want to lose again so I decided to play more, collect XP points and then conquer my enemy. Still I didn’t trigger any Bonus or Scatter, just Wild. And then it happened! Bonus game! I was taken to red carpet with 12 celebrity dogs. I was asked to choose a celebrity to take a photo. I chose a punk dog with violet punk hairstyle, then rock man with a microphone, gorgeous lady in black dress, funky dog in curly wig, smiling dog looking like Elvis Presley, and then I clicked on old dog with walking stick and it was my mistake – this dog was a joker and it finished my bonus round. I won 10, 10, 40, 40, 20, which gave me 120 in total, so €12. I really like it!

nightinparis 1

I was thinking if I should play or finish, but maybe some diversification will influence my good luck? I decided to play another game and I chose A Night in Paris. Thrilling game from BetSoft. I was playing the game once and it was amazing! What else do I need? I checked the payout and this game covered some bonuses, so I aimed to grab them! I had the following options to choose: bet 55, 30 paylines and up to 1 coin value. I played 11 lines which constituted for €1.11, 0.05 coin value and bet 22. My first and many another spins gave my nice amounts of money! Then I realized I doubled my XP points and I finished playing with 1510XP, so there was no other way than to enter the Challenge round with Willie the Giant as my opponent.

williewin 1

I started with 100 XP points, €1 and 5 free spins. I had 6 entrances on first ring, 4 on the second and 2 on the third one. Willie had 3 on the first one, 3 on the second one and 2 on the last one. It looked like I had more chances to win – but I knew it will be a hard battle! Sink or swim! I stopped my first spin and I won 100 XP, but Willie took them from me very quickly… Then I stopped on white arrow and entered second ring, and of course Willie did the same. He is very annoying, he was acting like me… I had the privilege but now I was almost in the same situation as Willie the Giant. And then my computer ran out of battery… I did not plug it in! Oh no! But I quickly came back to the game and whew, the battle was waiting for me. I drew 100XP and I was waiting for another Willie’s steps. Some spins and I was on the third ring – just one step closer to golden ring! I noticed Willie had only 250XP co I was much better! In my inventory I had 200XP, €51 and 15 free spins. Quite good win! I spun one more time and… I won! That’s amazing! Hurray! There are no words to describe my feelings. I was presented with the summary of my prizes and I could have seen my journey - second boss was waiting for me! I was in Ely but I had the whole progress bar to fill in order to face Pitcher Plant from Carlscity



I believe my third trial will be even better, there is much more to discover yet!



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