Sponsored by Rep. John Payne online gambling bill HB649, which made its appearance last year, could make its way to the Full House for a vote this June and lead to the legalization of online gambling in Pennsylvania.

Bill HB649 allows any of the 12 land based casinos to apply for a license to operate online gambling in Pennsylvania. There are many Pennsylvania’s neighbours that either legally run online poker or move closer to legalising it and it is argued that 2022 is the year for the state, especially as John Payne who has long been a strong supporter of gambling expansion and his co-sponsor GO Committee Democratic Chairman Nick Kotik are stepping down from the 2022 re-election.

With both the candidates leaving, it is not likely that there will be any other ones who would be able to push for online gambling, if it does not happen this year. Meaning this could be the last chance to legalize online gambling in Pennsylvania.