OpenBet 2
OpenBet, the industry-leading software provider to the sports betting market, will deliver its flexible SiteBuilder tool to Pari Mutuel Urbain, in an agreement which will hand the French operator giant better flexibility over its sportsbook front-end.

SiteBuilder is a collaboration tool that gives operators the chance to offer quick-to-market front-end solutions in a safe development environment. Its features includes the option to create sportsbook microsites using an advanced CMS, that opens up the possibility of dedicated pages for the most popular sporting events, including football World Cup or Olympic Games.

It is backed by contextual intelligence that delivers personalised content based on a suer’s profile, allowing operators to tailor the betting experience for clients.

What is more, the system is SEO-friendly, easily scalable and can be integrated with PMU Connect, the operator’s single sign-on solution.

The deal is a part of the continued strengthening of OpenBet’s Pari Mutuel Urbain, that dates back to 2010 when the French online gaming market first opened.

OpenBet CEO Jeremy Thompson-Hill commented: “OpenBet is always committed to delivering the very best in innovation to our customers, so we are excited to announce that PMU will be the latest operator to integrate our SiteBuilder solution.

“SiteBuilder will give PMU greater agility to design and adapt a sportsbook which perfectly suits their needs. The relationship between OpenBet and PMU has been extraordinarily productive for both sides over the years, and we look forward to building upon this success into the future.”

Jean-Marc Leglise of PMU added: “A flexible platform is vital when it comes to offering our customers the personalised experience they expect, so we are delighted to have a partner in OpenBet which can deliver unparalleled expertise in this field.

“OpenBet’s SiteBuilder tool will allow us to tailor our content to our customers, safe in the knowledge that it will maintain the stability and excellence of all OpenBet products. We have some exciting plans for it over the coming months.”

The SiteBuilder tool includes Banner Management that is interconnected with the sportsbook to automatically update event prices.

The option offers simplicity for content editors’ inline editing capabilities as well as a simplified development suit that combines popular frameworks and tools while allowin code contribution from the operator.

SiteBuilder has its own launch cycle that separates front-end releases from sportsbook releases and guarantees sportsbook quality assurance by separating the sportsbook from the business marketing layer.

SiteBuilder also simplifies creating themes for different devices, including desktop, smartphones and tablet.