cherry gaming

A world-famous Swedish brand, Cherry, has launched brand new technical innovation called Xcaliber. The new tool will provide a breath of fresh air into the area of independent gaming technology.

Thanks to the Xcaliber tool, Cherry will be able to expand its business areas way more quicker than before. The company recently invested into the best talents in order to create in-house system infrastructure and top-notch casino platform that will stand out in the crowd in every possible aspect.

Fredrik Burvall, CEO of Cherry:

“XCaliber will continue to support Cherry to grow faster than the market and we now have five business areas with different diversified revenue streams which is following the strategy we rolled out two years ago. This also enables the entrepreneurs Cherry have within the company to expand and grow within the Group.”

Jonas Wahlander, CEO of the Cherry:

“Having invested heavily in our technology over the past few years, the launch of XCaliber is the natural next step for the Cherry Group. We know our tools and infrastructure are market-leading propositions and we’re thrilled that we can now share them with the rest of the industry. XCaliber will continue to generate direct and incremental value to Cherry iGaming’s brands, as well as for incumbent and future business partners.”

Dario Arruda, CEO of Xcaliber:

“We’re really excited to be launching XCaliber. A huge amount of work and investment has gone into our technology and we are constantly pushing for further technological innovations. It makes perfect sense to make these solutions available to partners who know that they will have access to the same technology platform, services and potential that have helped make Cherry iGaming’s brands to grow so successfully. Our approach has always been to do well by doing good and we see growth and profit as a natural by-product of success.”