Virtual Reality gambling

Dating back to the earliest sci-fi films and novels, the idea of Virtual Reality has been on every tech fans wish list. Back in 2014, Facebook made an eye watering $2 Billion bid to acquire Oculus Rift eventually successfully closing the deal. Not a bad price tag for something that simply started with a young entrepreneur and a Kickstarter plan!

It comes as no surprise then that the online casino gaming world has jumped on the VR hype train then. Online gaming is no stranger to VR systems, with companies like Sony, HTC and Razer entering the market with their take on the device. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be roughly 170 million users of Virtual Reality devices, using them for anything from action games, fitness training programs and virtual poker. Virtual casinos are already one of the most popular online games, and the idea is that players will be equipped with a headset and set of virtual chips to play with real money in real time, adding another element of realism to an already flourishing sport, including systems that link your bank account with your betting accounts and estimate odds and fluctuations.

The general demographic for online gamblers seems to be upwards of 35 years old, but with the addition of virtual reality this is likely to decrease and include the younger audience. This means more people can get involved without having to leave their home and travel to casinos. Submersing users into the realistic world of glamourous casino’s and poker nights from the comfort of their own home, can encourage more people to take part socially with their friends, and also on their own with the hopes of meeting new people.

The ongoing discussion regarding the ever changing online gaming market has been alive and well over the last few years, mostly concerning the younger generation’s lack of interest in playing traditional gambling games. Perhaps this could be the way forward to bridge the gap between the always popular console gaming with the ever growing online gaming market.