UK Gambling Commission

The UK Government has announced five new members of the Gambling Commission. The commissioners were appointed by John Whittingdale MP, the Culture Secretary. Now, the Gambling Commission body consists of Sarika Patel, Catharine Seddin, Simone Pennie and Stephen Cohen, whose nominations come in effect immediately.

The chosen members of the Gambling Commission are experts in their fields of interest with a great experience.

Sarika Patel is a fully-qualified chartered accountant. She has been working in the public and private institutions for about 25 years now. Currently, she is a partner at Zeus Capital.

John Baillie’s job is the same as Patel’s and he was a part of Accounts Commission for Scotland, chair of Audit Scotland. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Catharine Seddon was once a documentary film maker, but, since 2001, she has been also working for the judiciary. She is now a presiding magistrate in the City of Westminster.

Simone Pennie is a chartered accountant who finally, in 2005, became the finance director of BBC World News.

Stephen Cohen focuses on participating in the financial industry between London, new York and Tokyo, for over 35 years. He actively contributes to serving on company boards, setting up new business and restructuring already existing companies as well.

While Patel, Seddon and Baillie’s appointments will expire after 5 year, the duration of Cohen and Pennie’s appointments is four years.