Yesterday, on the 7th of July, the lower house of the Dutch parliament has passed a bill to regulate online gaming in the Netherlands.

The yesterday’s vote paves the way for a fully regulated market for online gaming in the Netherlands to operate for the first time. The bill is expected to be approved by the Dutch Senate later this year and full regulation could be in place as early as 2022.

Among the agreed amendments, the bill prohibits lotteries and land-based operators from using their existing player databases to promote their online services.

Jaspar Hoekert, co-founder of Revenue Engineers offering full-service gaming consultancy based in the country, said the amendment is a major boon for new entrants to the country’s online industry.

Additionally, land-based operators will be obligated to erect physical entry and player identification barriers and contribute to a problem gambling fund.

The move will be welcomed by online gaming companies looking forward to making a presence in the Netherlands, with the bill ending years of uncertainty, improving player security and paving the way to greater innovation in the industry.

Co-founder of Revenue Engineers Jaspar Hoekert said: “We are absolutely delighted to see the Dutch Remote Gaming Bill finally pass through parliament.

“While there are some aspects of the legislation which are not ideal, this is still a very workable framework and I am confident that the Netherlands will quickly emerge as one of Europe’s most important gaming jurisdictions.

“For any operators or providers looking to make the most of this new opportunity, it is important to act quickly and seek local expertise.”

Revenue Engineers is the only gaming company specialised on the country and it offers a full service solution including consultancy, product, brand, acquisition and data.

Its dedicated Amsterdam-based team consists of 16 experts in the field and has worked with many local and global customers throughout the regulation process.

The company has already begun to execute joint ventures with local and international partners in the country.