The Russian Government proposed to put a 10% tax on online sport betting sales.

Russia’s Finance Ministry informed that the government plans to introduce some changes to the defal law, which could lead to the change in the taxation amounts with the new tax rate on sport betting, coming into effect in December this year.

Any details concerning the change are yet to be confirmed by the Finance Ministry, as the operators are confused whether the changes will affect the sales of revenue or turnover. The proposal of the new tax comes right after the authorities announced new fees for the operator to pay for accepting online wagers.

There is the possibility to comment on the idea, as it is open to public discussion until 05-05-2022.

The first official online sport betting license in the country was granted earlier this year to the Russian Lifa Stavok.

First Gaming, gambling operator in Russia, revealed last month, that as far as last year is concerned, amounts wagered on illegal gambling platforms dropped and football was the most popular sport to bet on.