Software BetSoft Scatter Symbol No
Reels 5 Free Spins Yes
Paylines all vertical and horizontal combinations Coin Size Min 0.02
Progressive No Coin Size Max 1.00
Wild Symbol Yes Jackpot $1,500.00

The number of all video slot games available online is beyond comprehension, so it is always nice to get struck by a new product that steals the heart and time since the first spin. BetSoft‘s Birds! Might be just the kind of slot. Up on the wires, in a small town somewhere on the Internet, Birds sat. this is the introduction to the “How I got so rich all of a sudden” story.

Birds! by BetSoft is a stunning slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and a number of pay lines. The number is not exact, as the combinations can be vertical and horizontal, once three birds of the same colour combine a win. However, Birds! Is not a slot game as we know it; the reels do not spin. Every time you hit the “Spin” button, 15 birds fly from the left side of the screen to sit on the wires. Once three birds of the same kind match any horizontal or vertical combination, you get the win. However, it is not all. When the three birds fly away to the right, another 3 birds fly from the left to fill in for the previous ones. If, again, they match a combination, you get a win one more time. The animation and graphics of the whole slot is more than satisfying and the birds are just too cute.

There aren’t bonuses as such, but BetSoft introduced a new way of increasing wins. The produced stuck to some original features like Wild symbol or Free Games, however, managed to change it a little bit, in order to make Birds! even more enjoyable.

First of all, there is Wild – it substitutes for all other symbols, no exceptions. The wins mentioned in the pay table are rewarded per bird so when a Wild makes a combination with a high-paid symbol, you know what it means.

That would be all, as far as standard bonuses are concerned. BetSoft decided to do the slot differently. As I mentioned before, the birds in a combination leave the wire and other birds fill in for them, and if they also make a combination and fly away, more birds fly in and sit on the wires. After each win the Free Flights Meter fills in as well. It’s the tube on the right with an egg in the nest on the top. Free Flights are the substitute of Free Games and also activate simply Free Spins. In order to get the Free Flights, one needs to catch 4 winning combinations, to fill in the Free Flights Meter and get 8 Free Flights. If the birds fly 5 times on the reels, the number of Free Flights will be 12 and for 6 Flights 20. During any free round additional wins may appear. So, do the math and estimate the possible wins.

What is even more, once you win big, you can try your luck in the gamble mode. The greatest aspect of the feature is that you can go big and gamble all or take precautions and gamble only the half of it. In order to win, you need to guess heads or tails of a bird coin. Of course, once you do, the win is doubled and you can gamble more.

To sum it all up, Birds! by BetSoft is gold and if you haven’t played it already, shame on you! The birds are the cutest, even though they resemble the most popular birds so far, which made everyone angry. Here you get the tool to get some coins so use it wisely and have fun.

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