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Core Gaming partners with Odobo

Monday, 08 July 2013 09:17

Core Gaming has announced that it entered into a partnership with the developer of new games, Odobo.


Developers at Odobo use the Game Development Kit (GDK) in order to create regulatory-compliant games, which are then distributed on the Odobo Marketplace, an business-to-business application store for operators. The developers obtain royalties from gaming revenues and can also gain extra affiliate revenues for creating player traffic. 


Core Gaming will be using the Odobo Play portal to promote its games with operators and to take control of revenues by referring new players. 


Justin Chamberlain, Managing Director for Core Gaming said: “With Odobo we will build a single client for each new game and can then licence it to any gaming operator on the Odobo platform. Odobo simplifies and supports every element of how we produce and monetise HTML5 games within the real-money gambling industry.” 



Source: iGaming Business 
Date: July 8, 2013
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Odobo enters into a partnership with Bet365

Thursday, 31 October 2013 09:01

Odobo and Bet365 has announced a HTML5 games deal. 



Under the deal, Bet365 will distribute a selection of new games produced using Odobo’s Game Development Kit (GDK). First two games already launched are Baccpo and the Legend of Olympus. 


HTML5 games from Odobo are delivered through the player’s browser and are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 


he Odobo Marketplace acts as a self-styled “B2B app store” for the online gaming industry, allowing operators to browse, license, configure and install new games content produced by participating developers.


“This announcement is the culmination of many months of hard work from the teams at Odobo and Bet365. Together, we share a commitment to providing players with fresh and exciting content,” said Ashley Lang, Odobo founder and CEO. 



Source: Gambling Insider 
Date: October 31, 2013
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Yoyougaming has released its inaugural game, Gold Dice, exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace.



This game will soon be available at both bet365 and Betfair. Players can also try it for free at Odobo Play.


Gold Dice is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot with an oriental theme. By aligning the three lucky gold starred dice players can win up to £420 per spin. 


Aligning three star symbols triggers the main feature, Mystery Games, in which the stars turn to gold, each spinning to produce a random number from one to six – the total of all three dice dictates the number of free spins awarded.


Kevin Li, Managing Director at Yoyougaming, said, “We created gold dice to appeal to the Asian and European markets. What we ended up creating is a game with mass appeal, based on a simple mechanic, and a game that is immensely enjoyable to play.”


“We’ve been impressed by how quickly we’ve been able to build this via the Odobo Developer Program and look forward to working closely with the platform on our upcoming games,” he added.





Source: Yogonet
Date: June 27, 2014
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Odobo’s in-house game development studio, WGR, has released its first complete internal production slot game, The Oddventurers, to operators via its marketplace.



The Oddventurers: Quest for the Bird of Pay is the first of many HTML5 slot games being developed by Odobo’s dedicated game studio. It’s based around a safari adventure and incorporates quirky characters with a humorous storyline.


Ashley Lang, founder and CEO of Odobo, said: ”The Oddventurers showcases the exceptional talent within our studio.


“It is an achievement and offers the WGR team the opportunity to highlight its creativity and production skills while creating a business case for further research and development.


“The knowledge garnered from this project has led to the creation of new tools and capabilities that will benefit all our approved developers and those joining our developer program.”


The 5x3 slot features 25 paylines, wilds, free spins and four interactive bonus games. A special multiplier wild is available on the central reel and can double line payouts while multiple bonus games offer variety at different win levels.


Mark McGinley, studio manager at WGR, said: “Our first in-house production slot game has been designed to combine the most effective features of social, casual and triple-A gaming with the best practices essential for real-money gaming. We’re thrilled with the result.”

Source: iNTERGAME 
Date: July 25, 2014
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Betdigital has signed a deal to supply its HTML5 games to operators via the Odobo Marketplace. 


Operators like bet365 and Betfair will be able to offer a number of Betdigital’s games including City of Gold, Shamrock Surprise or Royal Games.


Heath Samples, CEO of Betdigital said: “Signing with Odobo is a good match for Betdigital and underlines our continued growth in the mobile games sector. A single integration opens up our games to multiple operators and millions of new players. This marks another exciting period for both companies.”


“Having Betdigital on board is an indication of the industry’s buy-in to the Odobo opportunity. Betdigital has great content so we’re honoured that its games portfolio is being made available via Odobo,” commented Julian Jarvis, chief business affairs officer at Odobo. 

Source: iNTERGAME 
Date: August 20, 2014
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Published in Casino News

AppleJack Gaming is releasing its first slot game, the Ante Engine, to the Odobo Marketplace. 



The game highlights the studio’s versatility following previous releases consisting of an original table game and a sophisticated Baccarat classic.


The Ante Engine is an accomplished game that demonstrates the industry experience of studio founder, Paul Overton. The quirky five-reel, three-row slot game invites players to take the helm of the mysterious Ante Engine: a retro, steam punk gambling machine complete with rivets and with a sense of wonder as it whirrs back into life with the promise of big wins. The characters include an endearing robot and his mechanical dog returned from a bygone era.


The visuals are striking and accompany a strong theme and innovative features that serve to set this game apart from other slot games. The original maths model includes a ‘widget system’ shown as modifier bulbs that affect the outcome of a win and stay in place for three spins to increase player engagement. Filling all three widget sockets triggers the ‘Autogauge Motivator’, which pushes the Ante Engine machine into overdrive, triggering a cascade of free spins with double the usual payout lines.


Peter Mareš, Chief Technology Officer at Odobo, said, “AppleJack Gaming never fails to deliver with high production values and impressive visuals. In this game, the maths model is unusual and offers something different to regular slot game players.”


Paul Overton from AppleJack Gaming commented, “We were determined to create a game that gave players plenty of opportunities to capitalise on wins. The theme is quirky and appealing and we hope players enjoy it.”

Source: Odobo 
Date: August 28, 2014
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Published in Casino News

Fuga Gaming Technologies is expanding on its online offering by bringing its sizable land-based games portfolio to the online market in HTML5 via Odobo.



Fuga Gaming Technologies is the new worldwide and exclusive distributer for UMA Premium games. Predominantly a land-based game provider, it has over 70 titles featured in casinos and on cruise ships all over the world. The software house has excelled at building video slots, table, poker and bingo games, multiplayer systems, amusement with prize games, skill with prize and social games. Titles such as Bat Family, Ice & Flame, 3 Elements and Wild Kong have given Fuga significant market penetration, especially in Italy, North America and South America.


Earlier this year, Fuga announced its intention to make more of its games available online with a focus on Australia, Europe, emerging markets and mobile users in regulated territories. To do this, it applied an effective technological approach that allowed fast and flexible deployment of its games and, more recently, it selected Odobo as part of that strategy.


Odobo offers distribution to millions of active players worldwide via multiple operators including bet365 and Betfair. Odobo’s Developer Program and expanding reach is an ideal fit for Fuga Gaming’s requirements. Its modern and sophisticated technology has been consciously designed to increase the ease and speed with which games can be built, supplementing this with regulatory, compliance, localisation, QA and certification support.


Konstantin Mikhaylov, Managing Director at Fuga Gaming Technologies, commented, “We have vast experience in creating exciting products and of working successfully in different countries and under different gaming legislations. To bring our games online we wanted a modern and technologically advanced program with considerable understanding of the market that could make this process efficient and effective. In Odobo we have found exactly that.”


Peter Mareš, Chief Technology Officer at Odobo, said, “Odobo provides sophisticated and cutting-edge technology coupled with the games distribution Fuga is looking for. From our first conversation it felt like a natural fit and it’s a privilege to now be helping the team to realise its vision”.


Fuga Gaming is one of 25 active developers building games via the Odobo Developer Program. The Program is open to new developer applications.



Source:  Odobo
Date: September 5, 2014
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Spinomenal is bringing its online video slot games to millions of players via the Odobo Marketplace.



Led by young industry talent with veteran experience, Spinomenal is a game developer that specialises in combining slot formats with skill-based bonus games. Spinomenal showcases its creative talent via themes that include battles, mythical creatures and quirky characters. The first two games to appear in the Odobo Marketplace will be Nuts Commander, featuring the lovable squirrel commander, and Forest Balance, an epic battle between light and darkness.


Spinomenal has demonstrated the player appetite for rare skill-based bonus games in real-money gaming via their free2play site. These games help to build player engagement by offering bigger wins for time spent honing their skills. The formats involve point and click wins such as protecting a forest by destroying the evil spirits and taking control of a bazooka and shooting down supplies for the troops.


Spinomenal chose the Odobo platform based on the quality of its existing games, its modern Developer Program and distribution channel for its HTML5 titles.


Distribution via the Odobo Marketplace puts games in front of millions of funded player accounts via multiple operators including Unibet, bet365 and Betfair. The Odobo Developer Program with its expanding reach is an ideal fit for Spinomenal. Its sophisticated technology has been custom designed to increase the ease and speed with which games can be built; supplementing this with regulatory, compliance, localisation, QA and certification support.


Lior Shvartz, CEO, from Spinomenal, said, “Odobo offers a unique business model that enables us to easily get our games to multiple operators and their players. We’re looking forward to our games being available and making the most of the marketing tools offered by Odobo.”


Glen Bullen, Partner Success Manager at Odobo, said, “Spinomenal has games that stand out from the crowd because they blend the requirement of luck with an element of skill. This is an experienced studio with clever titles that are a great addition to those already available via the Odobo Marketplace”.


Spinomenal is the 26th active developer building games via the Odobo Developer Program. The Program is open to new developer applications.

Source: Odobo 
Date: September 9, 2014
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Published in Casino News

Odobo announces its latest games distribution deal with Coral Interactive. Coral Interactive is part of the Gala Coral Group, one of the largest retail and online gaming operators in the UK. 


The new deal provides Odobo with access to yet another well-established operator with over a decade’s experience of serving customers online. Coral prides itself on providing the widest range of gaming products to its players and now stands to benefit from the growing selection of high-quality HTML5 game content available via Odobo. This includes exclusive titles such as: Gold Dice, Poker Drop Riches and Beat the Croupier. In addition, Coral gains the benefit of Odobo Play, a unique game discovery channel that helps developers to market their games directly to customers.


With the support of the Odobo Developer Program, all games released to the Odobo Marketplace are certified for distribution across its supported jurisdictions and markets. This ensures that its existing games are ready to service Coral’s customers. The Developer Program gives operators confidence in the quality, performance and compatibility of games released into the Marketplace.


Julian Jarvis, Chief Business Affairs Officer at Odobo, said, “Coral Interactive is a substantial gain for us and our developers. We’re thrilled to have another established name join the Odobo Marketplace.”


Angus Nisbet, Gaming Director at Coral Interactive, said, “Odobo has fantastic games available that come from a diverse range of developers. We’re pleased to be gaining access to its titles and have been so impressed to date that we have commissioned bespoke content via Odobo.”


This announcement follows other integrations with bet365, Betfair and Unibet. With more operator integrations underway, the opportunity to monetise games via the Odobo Developer Program is broadening.

Source: Odobo
Date: October 28, 2014
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Touchstone partners with Odobo

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 13:32

Touchstone Games has entered into a partnership with Odobo.


This partnership will make Touchstone Games the 28th active developer in the Odobo Developer Program and will help the company which is just entering the online gaming market to distribute its products to a wider audience. 


Julian Mudd from Touchstone Games said: “We chose Odobo for our first venture into iGaming because the Developer Program allows us to concentrate on the game build while Odobo handles everything else. This is important for a small but passionate team and will ensure we can deliver an exciting and high-quality HTML5 game.”


“Taking well-loved games and adding the thrill of a real-money wager makes perfect sense. Touchstone Games is experienced and successful in land-based gaming and we’re honoured that the team has chosen Odobo to bring its first game online,” commented Rob Smith, legal and business affairs manager at Odobo. 

Source: iGaming Business
Date: November 11, 2014
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Published in Casino News
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