Legislation & Market - latest deals, legislation changes and new regulatory bills https://uscarchitecture.com Thu, 07 May 2023 22:53:37 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb EGBA supports EU digital plans https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4431-egba-supports-eu-digital-plans https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4431-egba-supports-eu-digital-plans EGBA supports EU digital plans

Publication of the European Commission's strategy for a Digital Single Market (DSM) has been welcomed by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA).


egbaThe DSM aims to create a unite European digital framework. The EC has noted that digital changes in recent years “bring immense opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs… but also raise challenging policy issues for public authorities which require coordinated EU action”.
Currently, online gambling is regulated by national authorities, even though it is covered by several European Union consumer protection directives.

In a consequence, European Union's multi-licensed operators have to struggle with the costs of 28 different set of rules which EGBA believes make their services “less competitive and attractive for consumers than the unregulated offer from Asia”.

“The EGBA fully supports the Commission’s political investment in the Digital Single Market,” said Maarten Haijer, secretary general of EGBA.

“The EU online gambling sector is the most competitive in the world and will help create the innovation, growth and jobs that will result from taking away barriers in the Internal Market.

“EGBA is looking forward to the concrete legislative proposals that will follow today’s publication.”

The plans are treated as a cornerstone of efforts by the European Commission to jump-start growth.

They consist of 16 initiatives varing from an overhaul of the region's telecommunications rules to harmonised copyright and tax rules to better parcel delivery and cybersecurity.

The European Parliament has measured that a unified European online gambling market would bring benefits of €5.6 billion ($6.3 billion) per year.

The study concludes that “at present, the absence of a single market results in unequal protection of consumers (specifically vulnerable persons and minors)” but “protection for problem gamblers and vulnerable consumers is also fragmented and less effective as a result”.

Jean-Claude Juncker, EC President, commented: “I want to see pan-continental telecoms networks, digital services that cross borders and a wave of innovative European startups.”

Source: iGaming Business
Date: May 07, 2015
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Online gambling bill to be approved in Portugal https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4423-online-gambling-bill-to-be-approved-in-portugal https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4423-online-gambling-bill-to-be-approved-in-portugal Online gambling bill to be approved in Portugal

Portugal Council of Ministers have approved online gambling bill which aims to legalise online gambling in Portugal.



The bill will be brought into legislation on June 28, 2015. The bill will be in opposition to all different forms of gambling in Portugal which will be monitored by Portugal gaming regulator Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, said in a recent conference: “This regime is a liberal one as it allows the distribution of licenses without limit, there is no exclusivity.” “The intention is to sign up as many operators as possible, particularly international ones,” continued Nunes.

The bill corresponds with the new governed European Union laws and regulations for fair business practises.

“The bill will proceed with the regulation of online gambling in line with the recommendations issued by the EC on this matter and the international best practices. Licenses will be awarded to all the companies that will ensure the full respect of a set of financial, economic and technical requirements.” said the satatement of the Portugal Council of Ministers.

Among the most important issues that will need to be discussed and implemented is the €25 million in gambling tax. Online operators will gain the right to apply for and to obtain the license. Thanks to the operators will be able to enter the market and advertise their services and products.


Source: Yogonet
Date: May 05, 2015
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Casino bill rejected in New Hampshire https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4417-casino-bill-rejected-in-new-hampshire https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4417-casino-bill-rejected-in-new-hampshire Casino bill rejected in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House rejected casino bill, voting against the legalisation of two venues which according to the supporters said would have provided padly needed revenue.



“Casino gambling will not be an asset to New Hampshire,” Democratic Rep. Patricia Lovejoy, a longtime casino opponent, said. “All New Hampshire can expect are hometown convenience casinos that pull money out of the pockets of our residents, not destination resorts attracting out-of-state residents.”

Even though the casinos have never passed the New Hampshire House, bith supporters and opponents of the bill thought that there would be a much closer vote than the roughly 50-vote swing which took place on Wednesday.

“I was kind of shocked by the vote,” said Democratic Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, the prime sponsor of the bill that passed the Senate in March. “I thought we would do much better,”

Had it been passed, the bill would have legalised two casinos – a large and the small one – and would bring licensing fees of of $80 million and $40 million respectively. Supporters of the bill expected up to $135 million in annual state revenue. The estimated revenues did not consider the opening of the casino nearby in Massachusetts.

Those people who supported the casino bill argued that individuals who are already spending money at other casinos would stay in New Hempshire or visits its gambling halls, which would provide the revenue boost. The opponents of the act, on the other hand believed that legalisation of casinos in New Hempshire would bring negative social costs and unreliable source of revenue. The bill contained a strict regulatory structure developed by a bipartisan commission during the last session.

“This is one of the best-vetted pieces of legislation to come down the pipe in a very long time, and I would say probably the best (gambling) framework of any state in the country,” Democratic Rep. Jackie Cilley said in support of the bill.

Opponents of the casino bill believe that despite the spending priorities outlined in the bill which include  $25 million in revenue sharing for towns and cities a future legislature could decide to use the money differently.
The bill was rejected by many Republican representatives as they do not want the state to choose individuals or companies who can build casinos. Republican Rep. JR Hoell proposed an amendment to the bill that would have eliminated all restrictions on gambling while a separate amendment would have allowed the state to license more than two casinos. Neither of the amendments have been passed.
“If we’re going to have gambling in the state, it needs to be managed under the free market,” said Hoell.


Source: Yogonet
Date: May 04 , 2015
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Japan introduces casino bill https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4403-japan-introduces-casino-bill https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4403-japan-introduces-casino-bill Japan introduces casino bill

Japanese lawmakers have submitted a bill to legalise casino gambling.



The bill has been introduced by the members of ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), the Japan Innovation Party and the Party for Future Generations. The lawmakers introduced the bill to the Japanese Diet.

The bill is expected to be passed before July or August, when the current parliamentary session ends. However, the exact date has not been given as the bill is yet to be given a hearing or voted on.

The casino bill, known under the name of the Integrated resorts bill is believed to bring an end to a number of delays in the process of bill submission, as the bill was first introduced to the Japanese Diet in 2013 but lawmakers did not meet a 30 November deadline to hold a vote.

By the end of March, on the other hand, the lawmakers were not able to table the bill after the LDP's victory in the Japanese general election to remain in office in December since it had not received support from LDP's junior coalition party, Komeito.

Finally, the bill has been now allowed for submission after Komeito's decisison to give its approval to the tabling of the bill.

The whole process of passing the casino law in Japan will be a two-statute process. After passing the IR bill, there will be the need to pass tax rates.


Source: Gambling Insider
Date: April 30, 2015
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Mkodo gains UK remote operating licence https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4390-mkodo-gains-uk-remote-operating-licence https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4390-mkodo-gains-uk-remote-operating-licence Mkodo gains UK remote operating licence

Mkodo, mobile gambling solutions provider has been awarded with a remote operating license by the UK regulatory body, Gambling Commission.



With the new license Mkodo will be able to supply gambling software in the UK regulated markets.  Mkodo had been already making use of their existing license and supplied its products to clients in the UK such as Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino.

 “Regulation is often looked upon as a necessary evil, but at Mkodo we actually see it as a benefit,"  said Stuart Godfree, managing director of Mkodo.

“It makes us constantly review our practices, processes and the way we work and report to our clients.

“We very much welcome the new licensing and look forward to working with our clients within the UK's new regulatory framework.

“The new guidelines ensure that all companies supplying technical, marketing and promotional services within the UK betting and gaming industry are operating at the highest standards – something that will benefit both customers and the industry as a whole.”


Source: iGaming Business
Date: April 29, 2015
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Kahnawake and Quebec in opposition https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4383-kahnawake-and-quebec-in-opposition https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4383-kahnawake-and-quebec-in-opposition Kahnawake and Quebec in opposition

The provincial governement of Quebec, Canada has been talking with representatives of the Kahnawake Mohawk territory concerning online gaming in the province.


kahawakeThe Quebec governement offers online gambling through Loto Quebec's Espace Jeux brand and it has recently suggested an economic action plan that would develop prosecutions, ISP blocking and disruptive financial sanctions against illegal online operators.

The new action plan is targeted on those companies which are not licensed by the provincial governement, for example the sites licensed by Kahnawake which are believed to "pose a risk to the population".

According to the Kahnawake grand chief Michael Delisle such prohibitive measures would hit the Kahnawake Mohawk community hard and lead to a lack of economic development and reduction of  employment opportunities.

What is more, Delisle believes that any blacklist of online gaming operations can face strong opposition not only from the Mohawk community but also from "civil libertarians against the policing of the internet.”


Source: Inter Game Online
Date: April 28, 2015
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Degree 53 has been granted UK remote operating licence https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4377-degree-53-has-been-granted-uk-remote-operating-licence https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4377-degree-53-has-been-granted-uk-remote-operating-licence Degree 53 has been granted UK remote operating licence

Degree 53, an independent digital agency has received a remote operating licence from the UK Gambling Commission.



The digital agency will use its new license to create and design different gambling software for customers in the UK market.

At the moment, Degree 53 provides services to the number of UK licensed gambling partners including Betfred, Totesport and Kerching.

Founder and managing director of Degree 53, Andrew Daniels commented: “Degree 53 was born out of the gambling industry and it is an important market for us."

"We are proud to have been awarded this licence as it demonstrates that our products are built to a high standard of quality with a close eye on stopping any potential security implications, both of which are requirement of the UK Gambling Commission. "


Source: iGaming Business
Date: April 27, 2015
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Next online gambling bill in Pennsylvania https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4371-next-online-gambling-bill-in-pennsylvania https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4371-next-online-gambling-bill-in-pennsylvania Next online gambling bill in Pennsylvania

Representative Thomas Murt introduced a fourtth bill to the state House of Pennsylvania. The new bill differs from the three previous ones in a way that it opposes and halts legislative attempts to legalise online gambling.



Murt's HB 1013 opts for the ban of online gambling in the state and has chosen seven co-sponsors so far. Even though it is just a proposal, the bill is treated as a disappointing distraction from the other positive bills on the same subject that are now on the legislative agenda.

Observers of the topic have noted that the new bill is very similar to HB 1404 submitted by Representative Paul Clymer two years ago which did not make it out of committee.

Murt's bill is highly restrictive on regulators and prohibits them from dafting regulations on online gambling and on players and operators forbidding play or offering online gaming.

Interestingly, this week a Pennsylvanian Senator Jay Costa announced  that he had an open mind for online gambling and is going to look at this issue when it reaches the Senate. Being a Democrat, Costa made this statement at political press conference.


Source: Casinos Online
Date: April 24, 2015
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Australian Governement considers extension of pre-commitment requirements to online gambling https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4369-australian-governement-considers-extension-of-pre-commitment-requirements-to-online-gambling https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4369-australian-governement-considers-extension-of-pre-commitment-requirements-to-online-gambling Australian Governement considers extension of pre-commitment requirements to online gambling

According to the Australian Associated Press report, the Australian governement is considering the increase of pre-commitment requirements to online gambling which will force internet punters to set their own financial limits.



The requirements are set in a national harm minimisation and consumer protection standard for all licensed online gambling activities.

Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister in Australia has asked Australian states and territories to help in the enforcement of the proposals, observing: "As the way Australians use gambling services shifts online, we need to ensure that protections for consumers remain robust & relevant.

The government will not follow any recommended by department changes to the trial of online tournament poker or in-play sports wagering.


Source: casinos-online
Date: April 23, 2015
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New Gambling Act in Ireland https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4364-new-gambling-act-in-ireland https://uscarchitecture.com/features/legislation-news/item/4364-new-gambling-act-in-ireland New Gambling Act in Ireland

The Irish government has passed the new Gambling Act 2015 which will allow the country to implement new online gambling tax rules.



Last month, Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan announced that the Act has been already passed to the country's president to be signed into law. Noonan has been trying to introduce the new law since he was chosen for the position of Finance Minister three years ago.

According to the new law, online casino, gaming and bingo services in Ireland will have to face a 1% tax on gross gaming revenue.

Online sports betting will be connected with a 15% net revenue rate, the same rate set by the UK Gambling Commission for providing services on the UK market.

Those gambling operators who wish to offer services in the country will be required to get a license which will last for two years.

Operators who did not apply a license and still offer services in Ireland will have to face a fine of up to €300,000.


Ireland plans to introduce the new law by August 1.

“The Betting Amendment Bill is just a first step in providing for a well regulated betting and gambling regime,” Noonon said in a statement.

“This Bill will allow for the regulation of those providing betting services by remote means to persons within the jurisdiction for the first time.

“This is a major step in the right direction. The implementation of the regulatory regime for remote operators will also allow for the extension of betting duty to these companies.”


Source: iGamingBusiness
Date: April 22, 2015
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