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iGaming Audits

Before starting to gamble online, many players hesitate whether the Casino they chose is reliable and safe to play at. Whether they won’t be cheated in terms of the award amounts or withdrawal time. Of course, there are a few casinos that don’t care about players, but gross amount of them are dedicated to providing reliable customer service and support. How to recognize them? There is no better source than players’ opinions, but there are also several organizations that control online casinos, and these ones that have their certifications are sure when playing at.


There are different types of audits conducted on iGaming website. They involve different matters, sometimes very odd for a casino user, so here we explain what types of audits there are and what do they actually check.


First of all, we have to distinguish between the audit itself and evaluation of the random number generator (RNG). Audit is connected with financial side of site’s activity, whereas RNG is not. Though casino’s earning depend in some way on the RNG, it is not tightly connected with it. RNG evaluation simply verifies whether the results at the online casino are similar in randomness to the ones by a fair gaming device in a land-based casino.


Payout Audits

Most of the casinos present on their website the so-called payout percentage. It usually varies between 85-98%. You can find very vague explanations as to what it really means, and it is a basic mistake to expect that you would get 98% of what you put into the machine. So what does it actually mean?


The payout percentage is, the most important of all, counted for the lifespan of a particular machine or, in the case of online casinos it is a life of the particular game. The base of the payout calculations is the amount of money wagered, not deposited. The two don’t have much in common, since you can deposit $50 and wager $100, or deposit $100 and wager $50. So if it is said that a particular machine has the payout of 95% and you wager on your first spin $100 and win $200, the payout percentage for that spin is 200%. The longer you play, the average payout percentage will decrease gradually to the said 95%, as over time you will lose, on average, 4% of every bet. But remember that the payout percentage is counted for the lifespan of a particular game, so one day your payout can be at a rate of 97%, some other player’s at 80%, and another one at 108%, and the overall payout will still be at the rate of 95%. Or you can have a bad day and don’t win anything, which would count as the 0% payout.


The payout percentage is counted for casinos, with the exception of poker rooms, and involves all game categories and the overall casino payout. Some casinos display their rate on the site, for others you would have to check on the website of auditory body, and sometimes casinos don’t have their payouts audited.


Companies conducting audits and casinos evaluation

These organizations are non-governmental, though sometimes they conduct audits for the request of some jurisdictions. Below you will find the list of those entities, with the description of what they control.


PWC audits online gaming establishments, however this part of the firm’s activity is hardly mentioned on their website. They indicate, that „It is essential for new gaming jurisdictions to establish thorough regulatory frameworks.” Indeed, PWC works for some newly opened jurisdictions, but they also make some work for individual casinos. PWC’s work is econometric and statistical consulting.   More info: http://www.pwc.com  
KPMG works with eCOGRA in their Total Gaming Transaction Review, where KPMG performs annual quality assurance reviews.In UK they also developed business counseling to the gaming industry.   More info: http://www.kpmg.com  
eCOGRA stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This independent and non-profit organization was founded in 2003 and its objective is setting operating standards and criteria for online gambling establishments. eCOGRA monitors and audits sites of member companies. Some of them are granted with eCOGRA certification, which they usually display on the website. (“play it safe” logo). In order to get this certification, casino has to satisfy each of the 100 or more criteria. Some of the reputable and long-standing sites have chosen not to seek certification, but many have. eCOGRA's Fairness Certificates on a gaming site mean:…
The organization is concerned with the well-being of the online casino webmaster. it provides webmasters with standards and procedures for software downloads & installations, deposits and withdrawal methods, interactive game play, customer service responsiveness, bonus awards, and how web site affiliates are functioning. Hence the website membership in ACPW is an evidence of trying to meet some of the industry standard for procedures and the treatment of customers.   More info: http://www.apcw.org/  
OGA is more like a users group, since it allows only websites using Grand Virtual software to be a member of it. However, OGA publishes “Code of Conduct”, “Ethical Principles” and guidelines for website producers, but there is no enforcing of these norms. When a website has OGA logo displayed, it simply means that it embraces OGA’s principles. The Alliance does not conduct audit, but it reviews its members’ websites periodically, to ensure that they are not connected with the OGA “banned groups.” These groups contain websites that seek to advance child pornography, gaming by minors, violence, hatred, organizes crime,…
GLI conducts reviews focusing on both fairness and reliability. It includes technical questions, such as security, procedures, the RNG, and the operating environment of the online gambling site. What GLI is interested in is the operation of the software and not customer service nor financial auditing, and many of its clients are governmental bodies.   More info: http://www.gaminglabs.com/  
Provides online service of the gaming logs to online casinos analysis. Casinos get CFG “Certified Fair” if the analysis not arouses any worrisome from the point of view of fairness, security or consistency. CFG focuses on RNG (random number generator) and on the RTP (return to player) calculations.   More info: http://www.certifiedfairgambling.com/  
Performs technical services and support and testing, assurance, and certification of gaming devices, software and procedures. In their competence lies technical investigations for operators and regulators, which include testing and certification of RNG, shuffle results, and other iGaming devices. They cooperate with nearly 300 jurisdictions from all over the world and apart from the activity mentioned, they also provide consulting and compliance management to iGaming companies   More info: http://www.bmm.com/  
GA brings together gaming industry expert who provide investigative research and advice to regulators, acting in a rule-making capacity and functioning as a quasi-judicial forum (mainly disciplinary disputes). They are accredited testing facility and furnish independent and impartial testing, consultation, and certification, involving the operational integrity of software and procedures employed by gaming web sites.   More info: http://www.gamingassociates.com  
iTech performs monthly audits concerning RNG of a website’s software system and RTP (i.e. payout and oayout percentage). Audit results are published on the gaming establishment’s website. iTech uses game logs (examined for “sanity” and internal consistency) to calculate and report the ratio of the total amount won to the total amount bet in each of the game categories. They do not perform controls, on-site audit of procedures, nor they examine or evaluate the financial accounting records.   More info: http://www.itechlabs.com.au/  
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