Unibet 1

One of the biggest sports betting operator, Unibet, is going to integrate BankID in Sweden.

The company has announced the launch of this trending solution by short statement issued a few days ago. The introduction of BankID is making Unibet the very first company to achieve this in Sweden.

BankID is a electronic identification system that speeds up verification and authentication processes. Thanks to this trending solution, casino operator can act way faster than in the case of previous systems.

Initially, BankID will be integrated within Maria and Unibet brands. Apart from the fact that with new service all operations will be quicker, BankID also increases level of the security. Proper safety measures are very important when it comes to online casinos environment. Currently, BankID has over 6.5 million active users in Sweden, which are registered in the system.

Daniel Gambin, Head of Player Safety at Unibet Group:

“By integrating BankID, we continue to show our commitment to innovative solutions by being the first operator in the gambling space to make use of this technology. As well as improving the customer experience, it adds a great deal of security to the account and together with other electronic verification solutions serves to improve the safety and security of our Swedish customer base”.