The winner of the Southampton large casino license is finally unraveled. Aspers aims at developing at the £450m Royal Pier Waterfront with the plan to open in 2021.

This license was the last one of the remaining licenses in the UK and will allow Aspers to offer 150 slot cabinets and 30 gaming tables. Aspers won the fight with Grosvenor, GGV and Kymeira.

Aspers is already active under two large casino licenses in Milton Keynes and Stratford in East London.

In Southampton, Aspers will create a new casino on the waterfront at Royal Pier, which will also be a part of the regeneration of this area. Matt Tucker, the Southampton City Council’s licensing committee chairman,said the city wanted to renew the area for a long time and because of the large and complex competition, the city was able to negotiate an offer that would suit city’s plans.

Owing to the launching of Asper’s casino, a minimum of 180 new jobs and the profit for the city will be equal more than £250,000 at the begginning with even more to follow as Aspers agreed to pay £50,000 annually to help gambling problem initiatives.