One of the most popular and most experienced developers of casino games, Quickspin, is going to release another title, namely Phoenix Sun.

Quickspin accustomed its players to great look and fantastic extra features, and Phoenix Sun backs up this trend perfectly. The reels are set at the very hot Egyptian desert and on the reels players will find symbols typical for Egyptian-themed casino game, like scarabs, black cats, amulets and other ancient artifacts. Of course, Phoenix Sun can be launched on all devices including smart-phones and tablets, which means the game by the hand anywhere, at any time.

As the title of the new game from Quickspin suggests, Phoenix Sun is based on the ancient legends of the Phoenix bird which has risen from the ashes. What is interesting, it is difficult to precise how many rows the game has in height, as it depends how many Wilds land on the reels. Sometimes it will be a standard amount of three rows, but it is possible to double this size! Same story goes with the amount of paylines, as this vary from 243 to… 7776 paylines! Thanks to this, the winning potential will be increased massively, what will make happy most of the players out there.