italy gambling
As the numbers never lie, it has been observed just recently, that the revenue in the regulated online poker market in Italy, has increased by 7.7% last month.

This result shows that tournament fees for the year to date 18.6% higher than last year.

The information seems to be promising and somehow surprising, as the year 2015 was not that rewarding as far as online poker is concerned. In 2015, According to Italian gaming website, the country’s market collected a total of €327.5 million (€355.3 million) in profit, on revenue of €9.4 billion, yet the online poker sector suffered major losses with profit falling 4.2% to €71.3 million on revenue of €727 million.

As the specialists on the Agimeg website noticed, operators in Italy have collected €6.1 million ($6.9 million) in entry fees last month. Such numbers help to push fees for the year-to-date, by the end of last month, up to €38.4 million, which constitutes more than 18% higher than at the same point last year.

Even tough the online poker department seem to be steadily flourishing, the Italian cash games market does not go well. May happened to be the month, in which the market fell 9.6% to €5.9 million in May and are down 15.7% for the year-to-date.

Nevertheless, in total, the gambling market in Italy managed to generate €34.7 million in online casino revenue in May, which is 30.3% more than last year and a result that pushes year-to-date revenue to €175 million, up 35.6% on the same point in 2015.