calzone casino

A pizza businessman from Sweden opened a brand new online pizza-themed casino called Casino Calzone. The new casino is available for all players who seek brand new games, interesting promotions and best-quality entertainment.

Swedish businessman decided to enter brand new market for him and it looks that he perfectly knows the players’ tastes. Casino Calzone gives over 400 various casino games to customers’ disposal, as well as highly attractive promotions. The casino offers very intuitive website which uses iGaming Cloud backend platform. The casino is powered by Fast Track’s managed technology what guarantees smooth gaming experience. The new Casino Calzone was initially created to promote Cal pizza brand among online players.

Cal on the opening of the new casino:

”From my lifelong quest to produce the ultimate Calzone, I have learnt one thing: to make a quality product you need two things, top shelf ingredients and highly skilled personnel. When we cooked up Casino Calzone we were fortunate enough to have both. Thanks to all the pizzamakers at FAST TRACK!”

Simon Lidzen, The CEO of Fast Track:

“We’re delighted with the launch of Casino Calzone. With the excellent brand profile matched with the crisp front-end, Casino Calzone has all the ingredients of a casino that can’t be topped!”