Czech-located Casexe company has just added virtual reality casino to the offering, what expands its services by totally new solutions. Virtual Reality is gaining more and more attention and operators of online casinos, as well as developers of casino software noticed the growing popularity of this phenomenon.

To provide the best Virtual Reality experience, Casexe opened a wholly new department, wich is responsible for the casino creation and maintenance. VR technology requires the team of specialists and highly developed technological resources and this is why Casexe created an independent department.

First Virtual Reality online casino has been opened by Slotsmillion earlier this year and the casino from the very first days became a hit among players.

The Casexe company on Virtual Reality casino:

“These days, the developers of online casino software are turning to VR technologies, day by day launching more and more exclusive products. The VR roulette, recently presented by Microgaming at a high-tech exhibition, is an illustrative example of advanced VR technologies. Gamblers, plunged into the (world of) virtual reality, are able to move freely through gambling rooms, interact with different objects, and talk to the rest of visitors. All of (these attributes) enable players to experience the full presence effect while they gamble virtually. The company CASEXE is also ready for the casino requests where virtual reality is an extra option, as well as is able to create projects entirely based on VR/AR technologies. The complex process of casino development should be entitled to the responsible and qualified crews only.”