New online casinos trends

The casino industry is a relatively tight knit group, so when a trend appears it’s not long before sites scramble to adopt it. We’re taking a peek into the future in this article and doing a bit of trend prediction. Check out which aspects we think will appear over the year.

First up, we think that we’ll see a move towards games of skill rather than ones of chance. Slot games now are so diverse but there’s no real skill to playing or winning on one. For most of these games, it’s the luck of the draw that determines your fate rather than any skill required.

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This can be less satisfying for players, as they feel like they’re not in that much control of the game. This could be set to change throughout 2017 though, as we see more of a trend towards immersive gaming. The balance here will be to find games that are fun, achievable to win but also not too tipped in the favour of a player with a bit of skill.

Payment methods are always changing too, with new emerging providers in the market taking up a decent share of the market. SSL Security and anonymity are key with online casinos, as their players know how important these are. These gamers know that online fraud is always on the rise so want to make sure that their identities are safe.

Cryptocurrency will be sure to take off in 2017, as more players seek to use Bitcoin and other block chain methods. These slowly crept into some Bitcoin casino sites last year but they’ll really begin to become mainstream in the following few years. Sites that accept these payment methods are in the minority at the moment but as they become more popular this will be set to change.

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There will also be more new casino sites than ever, as the market becomes even more lucrative. The casino industry picks up speed and is worth more money every year. This leads to entrepreneurs wishing to get their share of the money and bringing their own new casinos to market. This does mean that players have to be more careful though, as there are more choices out there and scams too.

In the last few years, we finally have had the technology to implement live dealer games. These are games in which the dealer is livestreamed to the device of the user and they can interact through their device. Understandably, playing with a live dealer is more challenging, immersive and exciting than their computerised counterparts. It makes sense that more companies will wish to capitalise on this trend so we may see more of these games around.

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The casino industry has always been a changeable one, with trends taking the industry by storm easily. Looking into the past, we can see that mobile gaming pretty much revolutionised how we play and this could be the same of any one of these predictions. Just stay tuned with us and we’ll bring you the latest news.


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