online casino bonuses

If you’ve never seriously gambled, and are thinking of trying out an online casino for the first time, there are some things you might want to keep in mind before you start.

Online casinos are extremely user-friendly nowadays. Players can also benefit from numerous extra features like incentives, free spins and more. However, the following tips and tricks are a collection of useful information that can help you get the best results from the coveted bonuses, without putting so much effort into extensive research.

How to access and online casino and where to find the bonuses

The address of an online casino might look something like this for example. This is the most common way online casinos appear online because keeping is simple makes them easily recognizable.

A gambling website’s homepage is the most important part of its structure. This is where you will find the most profitable offers and perks to enhance your gambling session.

Bonus types and tips

The main classes of bonuses you can find online can be classified into 3 main categories: cashable, sticky and free.

1. The cashable bonus

As the name suggests, this is a reward that you can cash out. Being the most popular bonus category, it’s also the easiest to understand.

This is the type of bonus you are allowed to withdraw after completing the wagering requirements.

Tip: Take note that some games do not meet the requirements for cashing out the bonus. These are usually those games that allow concurrent bets on winning and losing, games like Baccarat, Roulette, or Craps.

2. The sticky bonus

This is a bonus type that you can never extract from your account. You can use it to make bets and the winnings you score, aside from the bonus sum, can be withdrawn, once you meet the wagering requirements. However, most of the times, the bonus will disappear once you make a withdrawal.

Tip: Although various casinos have different rules, some variations include allowing you to cash in your winnings in case your bonus balance drops, and not removing your bonus after withdrawal. So it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of the casino you’re eyeing.

3. The free bonus

Free Spins, No Deposit and Welcome bonuses all fit into this category. In this case, the casino gives this bonus to you as a special gift for signing up.

Tip: Betting big on a high variance game can considerably boost your winnings and help you attain the maximum win.

High vs. low variance games

If you are unfamiliar with the term, let me take a moment to explain the variance of casino games.

When a game is defined as having high variance, it means that the player will lose more often, but the wins will be more substantial. A low variance game will yield smaller wins more often.

Knowing this can help you decide what game to pick, according to the goal you have in mind. Table games like Pai Gow Poker or Baccarat are the ones with a lower variance. Alternatively, Keno and Roulette can satisfy a craving for the excitement resulting from more risky bets.

Nevertheless, the highest variance games in any casino are the slot machines. The excitement brought on by the low chances of winning must also be the reason why they are so popular among both beginner players and the veteran gamblers alike.

Now you know more about online casino bonuses. Go get’em!

Because knowledge constitutes a huge advantage when it comes to any subject in the known universe, you now have what it takes to challenge yourself and your luck to a fun gambling session. Enjoy and good luck!