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Wednesday, 23 April 2023 08:09
aliens 1




aliens 2

casino review


Net Entertainment has collaborated with 20th Century Fox to bring you “Aliens” an amazing video slot based on one of the most popular cult sci-fi horror franchises of all time. With this slot you will experience the ultimate in slot game entertainment! Are you ready to kill some aliens?


Everyone was waiting for this moment - Net Entertainment has unveiled “Aliens”, a new branded video slot based on the cult sci-fi horror franchise! The release of “Aliens” was announced in front of a packed audience at the ICE Totally Gaming conference, but we had to wait over two months to finally be able to play this game in online casinos. The film’s sinister beauty is captured perfectly within this 5-reel, 15-payline slot, which is full of unique win sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seats set against a horrifying soundtrack. The graphics and animations in this amazing slot will make you feel as if you were watching the original movie, or even better – taking part in the story yourself! The reels are dark and filled with creepy images of aliens, looking as if they were going to reach out and touch you at any minute. You are really going to be blown away by just how great looking and perfectly themed these symbols are and you can expect to see them springing into life when a winning combination spins in.


There are three different levels in this game: The Search, The Encounter and The Hive, all taken from the 1986 classic. There are up to x14 Multipliers in The Search and x240 bet rewards for surviving The Hive! So let’s now look closer at these three levels, shall we?


However, before we focus on describing the levels, we cannot forget about the Wild symbol, which will complete winning combinations, by substituting for other symbols. Wild symbols can appear on reels 2-5 in Level 1: The Search and randomly anywhere on the reels in Level 2: The Encounter, excluding the overlay Ammo Clip reel.


You will start your adventure in Level 1: The Search, in which you will have to scan the infested premises for areas of Alien activity, as shown in the Alien Activity Meter with a total of 9 steps. All symbols included in a winning combination, except for Wild symbols, will be added to the Alien Activity Meter and increase the multiplier by 1. The symbols will be represented in the Alien Activity Meter by the icon displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the symbol. The current multiplier amount for each symbol will be displayed above the Alien Activity Meter and on the symbol on the reels. On the next spin, any additional wins on the same symbol will further increase the multiplier. However, if there are no winning bet lines in a spin, the Alien Activity Meter will decrease by 1 level, removing the first symbol added from the leftmost position and decreasing the multiplier on that symbol by 1. When the Alien Activity Meter reaches maximum, an order to attack is issued and you will advance to Level 2: The Encounter. The good news is that multipliers collected in Level 1 will be transferred into Level 2.


Fight through the corridor and waves of Alien attacks to reach the Queen Hive in Level 2: The Encounter! Stay alert and look out for the symbol overlay function combined with a multiplier – this can generate massive wins! The Encounter level features a pulse rifle, an Ammo Clip reel containing Ammo symbols, an Ammo Clip Counter and an Alien Activity Meter with a total of 10 steps to complete to reach Level 3: The Hive. At the start of the Encounter level, all collected multipliers from Level 1 will be transferred and will apply to wins on the symbols shown only. On the 1st spin, 3 of the lowest value symbols will appear as an overlay in the centre position of reels 1, 2 and 3 only, which will guarantee a win. The Ammo Clip reel will  then appear, and the Ammo Clip Counter will be loaded with 1 Ammo Clip. On subsequent spins any Ammo symbols appearing randomly in the centre position of the reel will increase the Ammo Clip Counter by up to +2, activating re-spins. The Ammo Clip Counter will decrease by 1 following every spin, after shooting to defend against the Aliens. As long as Ammo Clips remain available, in subsequent spins 3 new symbols will continue to appear in the centre position of reels 1, 2 and 3, progressing from the lowest to the highest symbol level. If you manage to complete all 10 steps, you will enter the third level! However, if the Ammo Clip Counter is empty at the start of the spin and no new Ammo symbols are won, your marine will be killed, the re-spins will end, and the game will returns to Level 1: The Search. 


In The Hive you have only one objective: destroy the Queen and her hive before Aliens get to you! Destroy the Hive before the Ammo runs out! The Hive level features a Smartgun, a Hive Health Meter, an Ammo Clip Counter and 2 reels, 1 grenade multiplier reel and 1 grenade strength reel loaded with grenades. At the start of the Hive level, the Ammo Clip Counter will be loaded with 4 Ammo Clips, awarding 5 re-spins. The Hive Health Meter will be full at the start of the Hive level. The reels will spin horizontally from leftmost to rightmost. The grenade strength reel will stop first followed by the multiplier reel. A grenade will be thrown at the Queen, then the Smartgun will be fired to defend the Marine, using 1 Ammo Clip. The reels will continue to spin as long as there are Ammo Clips available, as displayed on the Ammo Clip Counter. Damage is caused randomly to the Hive by the grenade's strength combined with the multiplier for each spin. The strength of the grenade can vary and is randomly generated on the reel. Multipliers appearing randomly in the centre position of the multiplier reel, multiply the damage amount by x1-x10. The Hive Health Meter will decrease from rightmost to leftmost according to the level of damage shown on the grenade strength reel combined with the multiplier on the multiplier reel. The Hive Health Meter has 4 steps which display the level of damage inflicted on the Queen. When the Hive level ends, a coin win amount corresponding to the number of steps completed will be awarded. When the Hive Health Meter reaches 0, the Queen is killed and the Hive is successfully destroyed, the Hive level will end and a coin win of 240 x current bet will be awarded. However, when the Ammo Clip Counter reaches 0, the Hive level will end and the game will return to Level 1: The Search with an empty Alien Activity meter.


We know that it may seem complicated at first, however, when you give this slot a go, you will quickly understand the rules. All in all, Net Entertainment has produced many excellent games, but this time, they have outdone themselves. “Aliens” video slot is dark and broody, with a 70′s technology vibe that resonates with the tone and feel of the original movie. If you’ve seen any of the 4 movies, you’ll certainly recognise the style and flair!  Thanks to the unique levels you will feel as if you were progressing through a movie, with unlocking achievements and taking part in more complicated mini-games. You simply cannot miss this title!



Name:  Aliens
Software:  Net Entertainment
Reels:  5
Payline:  15
Progressive:  No
Wild Symbols:  Yes
Scatter Symbol:  No
Free Spins:  No
Coin Size Min.:  0.01
Coin Size Max:  1.00
Jackpot:  $10,000


rankline9.09.14 / 10

Overall Score: 9.14
Software:  10
Easy to understand:  9
Graphics and Sound:  10
Game Speed:  10
Game Features:  10
Betting Options:  8
Jackpot:  7
aliens 3 aliens 4 aliens 5
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