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casino bonuses match bonuses


Match bonuses are by far the most common bonuses you can find in online casinos. Almost each one of them offers its players some match bonus, smaller or higher, but finding a casino which doesn’t have this bonus in its offer is very difficult. These bonuses are percentage based and to claim them one has to first deposit money to the casino. The amount of free money that players will be awarded with depends on the amount they deposit. Below we provide you with an example, so that you understand how it all works.


50% match bonus – if this is the bonus offered at the casino, you will get an extra 50% of your initial deposit. If for example the bonus is up to €500 and you deposit €1000, you will have €1500 in your bankroll to play at the casino. In this case €500 is the maximum bonus amount, so even if you deposit €2000, you will still get €500.


100% match bonus – most common type of match bonus, which enables players to add 100% of the deposit to their account, up to a certain amount. For example, if the bonus is 100% up to €300 and you deposit €100, you will get another €100 free and have €200 to play with at the casino. If you deposit €200 or €300, you will get €200 and €300 free respectively. But if you deposit €400, you will also get €300, since it is the maximum bonus amount.


200% match bonus – this bonus is quite rarely found at online casinos, because due to the higher risk they are very cautious in giving players more than 100%. Even if you find a casino with bonus exceeding 100%, the wagering requirements will be probably very harsh and difficult to meet. If the casino offers a 200% match bonus up to €200, after depositing both €100 and €200 you will get €200 bonus money, and have €300 and €400 respectively to play.


NOTE: all bonuses are subject to strict rules, which can be found in every casino’s terms&conditions. If you want to claim a bonus at any of the casinos, first read carefully the wagering requirements that are imposed on the bonus. This way you will avoid any misunderstanding with the casino and know your rights to claim the winnings.


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No deposit bonuses No deposit bonuses

casino bonuses no deposit bonuses Play for Free With No Deposit Casino Bonuses


No deposit casino bonuses allow players to play at casinos without any risk attached. What this basically means, is that players are not required to deposit any cash in order to play at their favorite casinos. This does not however mean that they cannot win real cash. 


The aim is to allow players to play their favorite games at their favorite casinos for free, for fun and without any risk involved. Either the player will come out without anything (this is not the end of the world as they did not invest anything in the first place), or they will come out with some extra winnings. Any amount would be considered a winning due to the fact that no bets would have been placed in order to play.


How does it work? Well casinos will offer new players an account loaded with real money. Players can use this ‘free money’ to begin playing. This saves players from placing bets on new games, until they have a clear understanding of what the game entails and whether or not they actually like that specific game.


Once players have played for free, they can then determine whether or not this is a game that they are actually willing to begin placing bets on. Players can consider this to be a free trial run for the casino and the game. And depending on the relevant rules, they could still stand to win a certain amount of money.




Customers can select which casino they wish to play at based on the terms and conditions of their no deposit casino bonuses. Some casinos offer cashable bonuses and others offer non-cashable bonuses.  Players can weigh up the positives and the negatives of the online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. Once they have made a decision they can begin playing, and of course, they can be well on their way to winning real cash payouts.


In order for players to withdraw any winnings they may incur whilst playing with a no deposit bonus, it is essential that they meet certain wagering requirements. Casinos will specify which games can be played using their no deposit bonus that has been offered, as well as what the wagering requirements are and finally, what the maximum amount is that a person can cash out.


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    High Roller bonuses High Roller bonuses

    casino bonuses high roller bonuses


    High roller bonuses are designed for those who prefer to deposit one bigger amount at a time. Usually with this bonus high rollers will get less than 100% of their deposit, most casinos decide to offer around 40-50%. For example, if the casino offers a 50% high roller bonus up to €600, after depositing €1200 you will have €1800 in total to play. Terms and conditions apply to all bonuses, so this one is also subject to certain wagering requirements, we strongly advise you to learn about them before depositing.

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    Monthly & weekly bonuses Monthly & weekly bonuses

    casino bonuses monthly weekly bonuses


    In online casinos it’s all about promotions, so here is another possibility of taking advantage of it. Most of the online casinos offer its players monthly and weekly bonuses. They are similar to match bonuses, with the difference that you will be eligible to claim them once a week or once a month. Several casinos also decide to launch each week a new promotion, but the diversity and size of them vary from one casino to another, so it is worth checking different casinos’ offers before deciding to play at one of them.

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    Banking bonuses Banking bonuses

    casino bonuses banking bonuses


    Banking bonuses are a brand new idea and more and more casinos decide to offer it to their players. They were introduced because some players may find it difficult to deposit money with certain most popular methods (due to legal restrictions in some countries), and in order not to resign from depositing money, they are encouraged by the alternative deposit method bonus. These bonuses usually vary from 10-20% and depend on the method. For example, if you deposit €100, and get both the 100% match bonus and the 10% bonus for depositing with e.g. Netller, Skrill, uKash etc., you  will have €210 to play at the casino. What applies to all bonuses, and this one is no exception, is the maximum bonus amount and wagering requirements.

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    Refer a Friend bonuses Refer a Friend bonuses

    casino bonuses refer a friend bonuses


    If you are already a registered player in an online casino, and convince you friend to register and deposit money in it and play, you will be awarded with the refer a friend bonus. The bonus consists in free money that is added to your bonus account. The amount you get depends on many factors, among others how much the new player plays, and usually varies between €20 and €100, but sometimes you can get up to €1000 for referring one friend. The exact rules of the reward program is different for each casino.

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    Loyalty rewards bonuses Loyalty rewards bonuses

    casino bonuses loyalty rewards bonuses


    After getting a player, each casino strives to keep them playing and coming back. One of the ways to do it is loyalty programs, which can be found at almost any online casino. Loyalty programs can be also hidden under the name of loyalty points and comp points. What these programs do is to reward each player for the money they wager on games. After collecting a certain amount of the loyalty points, players can change them into credits and play with them at the casino.

    How does it work?
    You get e.g. 1 point for each €15 wagered on games. After to wager so much as to collect 1000 points, you can either keep collecting them, or transfer them into credits to be used in games. There may be differences between games, e.g. €15 wagered on slots gives you one point, but in card or table games this can be €50. But still, you are rewarded for only entertaining, which is why you’re playing after all.

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    Cashback bonuses Cashback bonuses

    casino bonuses cashback bonuses


    A cashback bonus or cashback program is different from the welcome bonuses that most online casino reviews focus on, as it is awarded based on your total net losses over a specific period of time (or on a specific game) and calculated by a certain percentage. In other words, the amount of cashback you earn is directly related to the amount of money you lost at the casino during the previous playing period. The percentage offered by various casinos is usually set between 10% and 25%. These bonuses are paid out in cash directly to your online casino account or sometimes as credits towards more casino play.


    Cashback bonuses vary between casinos. Some casinos offer cashback bonuses on certain games, to encourage customers to play the game with reduced risk. However, most cashback bonuses are calculated over a set period of time (daily, weekly or monthly). 



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