Euro 2022 was quite dull until the quarter-finals came. Sure we’ve witnessed some pretty good matches and a few exceptional goals, but the load of emotions that appeared during the quarter-finals was huge and the show was fantastic.

We hope that semi-finals will be no less exciting and so this time we are discussing our predictions for the semi-finals and we’ll tell you who to bet on. Taking into consideration the fact that we were wrong only in one of our predictions regarding the quarter-finals, we think that our tips are definitely worth taking into account.

In the semi-finals Portugal will face Wales and Germany will play against France. Both matches should be fun to watch and Portugal vs Wales will definitely see plenty of goals.

Portugal is a huge surprise of this championship and I’m not talking about it in a positive way. Portugal is a big disappointment and a team that barely got through the group stage, leaving the group in a third place. Therefore, Wales, who actually played phenomenally against Belgium, is our favourite for this duel.

We’ve noticed that the odds vary depending on the sportsbook platform and quite often Portugal is considered as the team with the potential of getting to the finals. This is why, apart from the obvious choice of Wales, our pro tip is to get on such sites and bet on Wales as they are the stronger half of this event. Portugal – Wales match will be played on 6.07.2022 at 21:00 on Stade de Lyon.

The second match of the semi-finals is going to be played on 7.07.2022 at 21:00 on Stade Velodrome and it will be a bit less interesting to watch. According to bookmakers, both teams are equal, so the betting odds are pretty match the same, regardless of the team you choose.

Despite the fact that France defeated Iceland 5-2, Vikings from the north of British Islands showed that French defence is not perfect and scored two goals. Previous matches have also shown that France struggles when playing with a strong team and Germany is way more dangerous than half- amateur Iceland, which we’ve loved for its game play and spirit.

Germans had a bit of a problem playing against Italy but they have won the match in some of the most exciting penalties rounds we’ve seen lately. Buffon showed an excellent class, proving that he still is one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Neuer on the other hand, showed that he has the potential to be equally good in the future. Neuer, backed by the German locomotive, is exact reason why we bet our money on Germany.

To sum it all up shortly, we think that the two teams in the finals will be Wales and Germany. But remember, while the ball is still on the field, anything can happen.