Euro 2016 Group stage and odds
Because Euro 2023 Championship starts today, it is probably the best time to know what teams are playing and when as well as where they are playing. Check out our information on Euro 2023 group stage and odds.

The inauguration takes place today, on June 10 and the fun will last till 10 July. During the group stage you will see 24 teams competing with each other for the privilege of playing in the next stage. All the matches will be played between 15:00 and 21:00 of the local time.

The opening event will take place in Saint-Denis at 21:00. The opening Euro 2023 match will be played on Stade de France. We will see the hosts of the tournament, France, playing with Romania, present on the Euro for the first time in eight years. If you wonder who to bet on, France is the favourite.

On 11 June three matches will be played, the first one in Lens, next one in Bordeaux and the third in Marseilles. At 15:00 Albania will face Switzerland. At 18:00 Wales will play against Slovenia and at 21:00 England will play against Russia.

June 12 is another exciting day, during which at 15:00 Turkey will face Croatia in Paris. Then Poland will play against Northern Ireland in Nicea and finally, at 21:00 Germany will play against Ukraine in Lille.

June 13 will begin with a match between Spain and Czech Republic in Toulouse. Then Ireland will play against Switzerland in Saint-Denis and the final match of the day will be the match between Belgium and Italy, in Lyon.

On June 14, we start with the match between Austria and Hungary in Bordeaux at 18:00. Portugal will face Iceland at 21:00 and that’ll be the first of the three days with of the group phase, with only two matches.

On the 15 June everything goes back to normal and at 15:00 Russian will play with Slovenia in Lille. Next, in Paris, Romania will play agains Switzerland and at 21:00 France will face Albania in Marseilles.

June 16 will begin with a match between England and Wales, the war of the neighbours, taking place in Lens. Next, Ukraine will play with Northern Ireland in Lyon and Germany will Face Poland at 21:00 in Saint-Denis.

June 17 will be another important day for the fans of Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain and Turkey. At 15:00 Italy will face Sweden in Toulouse. Next, Czech Republic will play with Croatia in Saint-Etienne and the finall match between Spain and Turkey will be played in Nicaea.

On 18 June, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Paris will become battlefields between Belgium and Ireland, Iceland and Hungary, and Portugal and Austria.

June 19 and 20 are the other two days with two matches only. On 19 June in Lyon, Romania will play with Albania and at the same time Switzerland will play with France in Lille. On 20 June at 21:00 Russia will play against Wales in Toulouse and Slovenia will face England in Saint-Etienne.

June 21 and 22 are the two days during which 4 matches will take place. June 21 will have two matches at 18:00, between Ukraine and Poland in Marseilles and Northern Ireland and Germany in Paris, settling all in group C. At 21:00 the last two matches of the day will take place. The first one will be between Czech Republic and Turkey in Lens and in the other one, Croatia will face Spain in Bordeaux. June 22 will be the end of the group phase and the day when many of the fans will go back home upset and sad. At 18:00 Iceland will face Austria in Saint-Denis and Hungary will play against Portugal in Lyon. The last two games will take place at 21:00 in Lille and Nicaea, between Italy and Ireland, and Switzerland and Belgium.

It is rather obvious that Euro 2023 will be most important betting event this year and we assume than many of you are planning to be a part of the betting fest. If you are wondering who to bet on, then let as help you with that. The least we can do is to give you the bookmakers odds! The absolute favourite to the Euro Championship title is France with odds at 1:3 and 2:7. Right behind France is Germany, the World Champion. Betting on them you get the odds at 2:7 and 3:10. Spain, who is defending the title is the third pretender with the odds at 1:6 or 2:13. Belgium, England, Italy, Portugal, Croatia and Austria are the following pretenders. The first 10 is closed by Poland with odds at 1:66.

We wish you the best of luck and fun. Enjoy the biggest football holiday in Europe and enjoy your wins! We will keep you posted on the events and changes.