Unfortunately, just like any football fan, we have to bear in mind that in a couple of days UEFA Euro 2023 will end. Luckily, there is one more match ahead, the most important one, and in just two years time World Championships in Russia.

We’ve got lots of ideas for the semifinals, but none of them is to see Portugal as the first team to qualify to the finals. Cristiano Ronaldo and his fellas, for the first time during the tournament, have won in the regular time of 90 minutes.

 Euro 2016 Finals - France vs Portugal in Blog Welsh disappointment resulted with Portuguese qualification to the finals and our mistake in the predictions. It seems that the team led by Ronaldo wishes to repeat Spanish did during the Euro 2012, when Spaniards played dull for most of the tournament, till they annihilated Italians in the finals.

On July 10 at 21:00 on Stade de France in Paris. After a surprising victory, Portugal will play against France, who bet Germans and confirmed that the bookmakers are right to place them as the number 1 pretender for the title. Despite the fact that French-German confrontation didn’t see as many goals as the one between France and Iceland, the game was real treat to watch. In our opinion France-Portugal game should be equally good (or at least we hope so) and for it is a final game, we should see both teams at its finest.

If it is a tip you want, we think that France is the future European champion. Taking into consideration the fact that Portugal played badly through out the whole tournament, and even the 2:0 win against Wales was not a significant game and pretty close one, France is an obvious choice for us. Yet if someone believes that Portugal with Cristiano is going to win, you should know that any bet made against France is a more profitable one.

Regardless the odds, tips and bets we hope that the show will be great and that Portugal and France will deliver a spectacular treat to us, football fans from around the world.

 Euro 2016 Finals - France vs Portugal in Blog